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Friday, 21 December 2012 13:42

Abel Zhakata
Senior Reporter

HIGH profile taxi robberies and the recent murder of a cabman in Mutare have been linked to a former soldier believed to be the architect of the crimes.

Police suspect he is using his military training to evade arrest.
The Criminal Investigation Department has placed Andrew Chishakwe from Zimunya high on the list of 30 dangerous criminals the department is hunting in connection with murders and robberies that have dogged the eastern border city and surrounding areas.
The Officer Commanding (Crime), Detective Superintendent Jealous Nyabasa, said Chishakwe was a chief suspect in connection with the taxi robberies and the murder of Paul Phiri.
Supt Nyabasa recently made public Chishakwe's photograph and taxi drivers quickly identified him as the culprit terrorising them.
Detectives handling the case revealed this week that following the arrest of Chishakwe's alleged accomplice, Robinson Chimuka, in connection with the Forbes Border Post taxi robbery they got information on his whereabouts.
Chimuka, who is in remand prison, implicated Chishakwe and he disclosed information on the robberies.
However, for the past three weeks detectives have made little progress in arresting him, amid reports that Chishakwe might have fled into the mountains or skipped the country into Mozambique.
"He is using his military training to evade the police, but we shall soon catch up with him. Some say he is living in the mountains and only climbs down at night and others are saying he is now in Mozambique. He can run away, but he will tire," said a detective who requested anonymity.

In a Press statement recently, Supt Nyabasa canvassed for public support to arrest Chishakwe and 29 other wanted persons.
He said the Criminal Investigation Department was working around the clock and members of the public must use hotlines to contact the police and provide information.
He said, at times, the fugitive suspects were being harboured by members of the community and concerned citizens must open up and hand them over to the police because they were a danger to the same society.
"We have released these names so that the public will help us in arresting these criminals that are terrorising innocent civilians. It is our duty as police officers to ensure lawfulness in the country. We are there for the people and as such the people must help us to catch those who break laws and create chaos in society," he said.
Apart from Chishakwe, those on the wanted persons list include: Bassiano Zuze of Fern Valley, Mutare who is up for robbery, Caiphas Vheremu Sithole of 6643 Chikanga (murder), Dominic Mbele of Chikanga (murder), Gibson Mangongo of Fairbridge Park (robbery), Itai Maripo from Greenside (robbery), Joseph Mushaike of Chikanga (murder), Luis Kamuzu Mukunje of Chikanga (murder) and Mupazi Muchabereka of Chikanga (murder). Rodgers Chikomwe of Chikanga, Solomon Duma from OTS Sakubva and Tapiwa Marawanyika of Zororo Sakubva are wanted in connection with murder and robbery charges.



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